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Red Metal Bar Stock From Reliable Bronze

Bar stock from Reliable Bronze includes a variety of industry recognized materials to suit any application. Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, machining superior parts for many different industrial functions. Our CNC machining facility can draw up a print and machine your parts using Bar Stock or any of these other materials:

  • Aluminum Bronze (CDA 954 or 9-C)
  • Manganese Bronze (CDA 863 or 430B)
  • Bearing Bronze (CDA 932 or SAE 660)
  • No-Lead Bronze (C 89835)
  • Brass (Free-Cutting or 360)

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Reliable Bronze cast bronze products provide an economical alternative

Bar stock such as R-Con® (CDA 932 or SAE 660) cast bronze offers superior performance compared to other methods such as sand casting. Continuous bronze casting attains an extreme density grain-like structure that is free from porosity, thus prolonging the life of tooling.

Cored and solid as well as plate materials, are available in 13" and 105" lengths right off the shelf. Non-standard lengths are available upon request. If there is a special bearing size, archetype, etc., you should consider cast bronze as an economical alternative. We carry over 270 sizes in our inventory.

Reliable Bronze is proud to offer you lead-free continuous cast bronze known as FEDERALLOY® NO LEAD C89835. It is an equivalent to standard CDA 932 or SAE 660. A component known as Bismuth has replaced lead in this material, thus eliminating any environmental concerns associated with the machining or fabricating processes.

Powdered metal products exhibit outstanding wear resistance and strength

The same manufacturing process is used to produce the R-Lube® self-lubricating powdered products. The primary usage for these products is for producing finished machined parts. These parts are made to the customers' unique specifications.

Super R-Lube® (SAE 863) self-lubricating powdered metal solid or cored products are harder and more wear-resistant than regular R-Lube®. The composition consists of an iron base vs. a copper base, thus providing a stronger material. Typical applications where Super R-Lube® may be used are for bearings or bushings in heavy equipment and road machinery.

Reliable Bronze-Customer satisfaction is built into every part we make

Reliable Bronze provides expert and cost-effective machining solutions for all of your metal machining needs. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction is built into every part we make. We feel the difference between Reliable Bronze & Mfg., Inc. and our competition is that our philosophy is based on good old-fashioned values. It has always been and still is very important to us that we earn, and then keep, your respect and trust.

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