R-CON® Cast Bronze Bar

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R-Con® (CDA 932 or SAE 660) cast bronze bars offer superior performance compared to other methods such as sand casting. Continuous casting attains an extreme density grain-like structure that is free from porosity, thus prolonging the life of tooling.

Cored and solid bars, as well as plate stock, are available in 13" and 105" lengths right off the shelf. Non-standard lengths are available upon request. If there is a special bearing size, archetype, etc., you should consider cast bronze bars as an economical alternative. We carry over 270 stock sizes of continuous cast bars and plate in our inventory.

Bronze bars

Typical Applications:

To manufacture bearings and bushings to required specifications.

Physical Properties

Tensile strength P.S.I. 35,000
Yield strength P.S.I. 20,000
Elongation % in 2" 10
Brinell hardness 55-65

Chemical Composition:

Copper 83%
Tin 7%
Lead 7%
Zinc 3%

Material Tolerances:

Outside diameter Finish (I.D. & O.D.)
0-4" .03125" (1/32)
4-5" .0625" (1/16)
5"+ .0937" (3/32)

Standard Length 105"