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Bronze Flange Bearings and Bushings

Flange bearings for a multitude of applications are available from Reliable Bronze. Featuring strength and reliable operation, you can trust Reliable Bronze flange bearings in such applications as industrial blowers and fans, generators, and motors. Our R-Lube® (SAE 841) powdered metal bearings are ideal for applications that call for completely wear-resistant components. With our large stock of over 1400 P/M bearings, you're sure to find the component that will fit your needs. Whether you need flange block bearings, flange mount bearings or flange unit ball bearings, contact Reliable Bronze.

Custom CNC machining produces your parts using state-of-the-art technology

Flange bearings can be selected from our large stock, or custom made to your specifications. Reliable Bronze also can offer you state-of-the-art CNC machining capabilities within our advanced CNC machining center. We use top of the line CAD-CAM software and the most up-to-date controls available. This assures repeatability on long production runs and total accuracy on prototype applications. Our Quality Control Department is fully computerized and can inspect tolerances up to ±.00005. We also have the ability to collect and analyze data, perform statistical process control "SPC" and digitize surface and geometric shapes for CAD, CAE, and reverse engineering applications. With this ultra-modern technology, design and engineering problems are virtually eliminated. Delivery on special machined parts is currently running 1 to 2 weeks. Below is a partial list of the many materials you can choose from in the manufacture of your custom parts:

  • Alloy 110 Copper
  • Alloy 360 Free Cutting Brass
  • CDA 464 Naval Brass
  • CDA 510 Copper/Tin Phosphor Bronze
  • CDA 544 Leaded Phosphor Bronze
  • CDA 614 Aluminum Bronze
  • CDA 624 Aluminum Bronze
  • CDA 630 Aluminum Bronze
  • CDA 642 Aluminum Bronze
  • CDA 836 (SAE 40 Leaded Red Brass 85-5-5-5
  • CDA 844 Semi-Red Brass 81-3-7-9
  • CDA 854 Yellow Brass 67-1-3-29
  • CDA 907 (SAE 65) Tin Bronze 89-11
  • CDA 910 Tin Bronze 85-14-0-1
  • CDA 913 Tin Bronze 80-5-19
  • CDA 937 (SAE 64) Leaded Tin Bronze 81-7-12
  • CDA 952 (SAE 68A) Aluminum Bronze 88-9-3
  • Nylatron®
  • Nylon
  • Rulon®
  • SAE 850 Iron R-Lube®
  • White Nylon

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Trust Reliable Bronze to meet all of your parts needs

For all of your parts needs, trust Reliable Bronze - we stand behind our products and our workmanship 100%. Reliable Bronze builds total customer satisfaction into every part we make. It has always been and still is very important to us that we earn, and then keep, your respect and trust. We feel the difference between Reliable Bronze & Mfg., Inc. and our competition is that our philosophy is based on good old-fashioned values. When you contact Reliable Bronze, our experienced staff will answer all of your questions and assist you with your order.

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