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Machine-To-Print-Parts Copper, Aluminum, Bronze, Nylon, Brass

Machine-To-Print-Parts from Reliable Bronze are manufactured in our state-of-the-art custom CNC machining facility. We have over 25,500 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and employ well-trained and knowledgeable people, who we outfit with top of the line equipment. All of our machinery is of the latest design, featuring the latest CAD-CAM software, with the most advanced controls available. With this ultra-modern technology, we eliminate design and engineering problems. Our skilled people and advanced machinery assure repeatability on long production runs to total accuracy on prototype applications.

Machine-To-Print-Parts are essential when you need specialized components for your industrial applications. Delivery on special machined parts is currently running 1 to 2 weeks. If you need stock parts, be sure to check with us. Our extensive catalog contains hundreds of brass bearings, brass bushings, bronze bearings, bronze bushings, clutch bearings, flange bearings and more.

Let us know your requirements and provide us with a sample or print and we can manufacture your components using any of these materials:

Alloy 110 Copper
Alloy 360 Free Cutting Brass
CDA 464 Naval Brass
CDA 510 Copper/Tin Phosphor Bronze
CDA 544 Leaded Phosphor Bronze
CDA 614 Aluminum Bronze
CDA 624 Aluminum Bronze
CDA 630 Aluminum Bronze
CDA 642 Aluminum Bronze
CDA 836 (SAE 40 Leaded Red Brass 85-5-5-5
CDA 844 Semi-Red Brass 81-3-7-9
CDA 854 Yellow Brass 67-1-3-29
CDA 862 (SAE 430A) Manganese Bronze 90K Tensile
CDA 863 (SAE 430B) Manganese Bronze 110K Tensile
CDA 865 (SAE 43) Manganese Bronze 70K Tensile
CDA 903 (SAE 620) Tin ‘G’ Bronze 88-8-0-4
CDA 905 (SAE 62) Tin Bronze 88-10-0-2
CDA 907 (SAE 65) Tin Bronze 89-11
CDA 910 Tin Bronze 85-14-0-1
CDA 913 Tin Bronze 80-5-19
CDA 916 Nickel Gear Bronze, 205N
CDA 922 (SAE 622) Navy ‘M’ Steam Bronze
CDA 923 (SAE 621) Leaded Tin Bronze 87-8-1-4
CDA 925 (SAE 640) Leaded Tin Bronze 87-11-1-0-1
CDA 926 Leaded Tin Bronze 87-10-1-2
CDA 927 (SAE 63) Leaded Tin Bronze 88-10-2-0
CDA 929 Leaded Nickel Tin Bronze
CDA 932 (SAE 660) Leaded Tin Bronze 83-7-7-3
CDA 934 Leaded Tin Bronze 84-8-8-0
CDA 935 (SAE 66) Leaded Tin Bronze 85-5-9-1
CDA 936 Leaded Tin Bronze 81-7-12
CDA 937 (SAE 64) Leaded Tin Bronze 81-7-12
CDA 938 (SAE 67) Leaded Tin Bronze 78-7-15
CDA 939 (SAE 67) Leaded Tin Bronze 79-6-15
CDA 940 Leaded Tin Bronze 71-13-16
CDA 941 Leaded Tin Bronze 70-5-20
CDA 943 Leaded Tin Bronze 74-7-18-1
CDA 945 Leaded Tin Bronze 74-7-18-1
CDA 952 (SAE 68A) Aluminum Bronze 88-9-3
CDA 953 (SAE 68B) Aluminum Bronze 89-10-1
CDA 953 H.T. Heat Treated Aluminum Bronze
CDA 954 Aluminum Bronze 85-4-11
CDA 954 H.T. Heat Treated Aluminum Bronze
CDA 955 Aluminum Bronze 81-11-4-4-3.5
CDA 955 H.T. Heat Treated Aluminum Bronze
CDA 959 Copper Aluminum 82-4-12.5-1.5
SAE 850 Iron R-Lube®
White Nylon

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