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Self-Lubricating Powdered Metal Bearings, Bars, Plates and Discs

Self-lubricating powdered metal bearings, bars, plates and discs from Reliable Bronze offer wear-resistance, corrosive resistance and come in a wide range of sizes. We also stock and use these materials to manufacture parts: aluminum bronze, phosphor bronze, phosphor bronze alloy and many other high quality materials used in industry. Our delivery schedule is currently running 1-2 weeks for "special" made-to-print items. We can ship stock items out the same day if the order is placed by 3:00 p.m. central time. Quotes are usually turned around within 24 hours.

See the list below that details the features of our products:

Self-lubricating powdered metal bearings, bars, plates and discs

R-Lube® (SAE 841)

  • Ideal for applications that call for completely wear-resistant components
  • Operates satisfactorily in temperatures ranging from 10º F to 220º F
  • Oil-impregnated for lubrication or corrosive resistance
  • Conforms to ASTM standards
  • Over 1400 sizes in stock


  • Contains a copper core
  • Provides superior wear-resistance
  • Parts can be machined to your specifications in our custom machining center

Super R-Lube® (SAE 863)

  • Made from an iron base
  • Harder and more wear-resistant than R-Lube®
  • Superior choice for heavy equipment and road machinery applications

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Our products meet the exacting demands of today's industry

The materials listed above are used in a wide variety of applications such as the automotive, trucking, appliance and aerospace industries. Reliable Bronze offers you the choice of any of these materials to meet your demanding application needs. We also offer advanced CNC machining of your parts using state of the art machinery in our custom machining center. Our ultra-modern technology ensures that design and engineering problems are virtually eliminated. We also have the ability to collect and analyze data, perform statistical process control "SPC" and digitize surface and geometric shapes for CAD, CAE, and reverse engineering applications.

Quality products and superior customer attention set us above the competition

At Reliable Bronze, it has always been and still is very important to us that we earn, and then keep, your respect and trust. You can count on Reliable Bronze for superior materials that will meet and exceed all of your application needs. We feel the difference between Reliable Bronze & Mfg., Inc. and our competition is that our philosophy is based on good old-fashioned values. Our experienced staff will answer all of your questions and assist you with your order. We pride ourselves on being able to offer quality products at competitive prices. Get the parts you need and the service you expect - trust Reliable Bronze for all of your industrial application requirements.

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