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Custom Graphite Parts Built To Your Specifications

Graphite parts are used in some of the toughest industrial applications where continual lubrication in hard to reach areas is necessary. These components are essential in the appliance, furnace, automotive, pulp and paper industries and other applications where demanding conditions exist.


When your application calls for lubrication for either the housing or the shaft, an oil or grease groove is essential. Refer to the chart for the types of grooves that can be done.


If you have an application that calls for your part to be altered, we can meet your needs. From boring the I.D., turning the O.D., drilling holes, or cutting off, chamfering, facing, or any other lathe work… we have the technology to do it all.

Quality Control

Although not typically a service, it plays a vital role in providing our customers with only the highest quality products. Our inspection process is fully computerized and we can inspect tolerances to ±.00005. In addition, we have the ability to collect and analyze data, perform statistical process control “SPC” and digitize surface and geometric shapes for CAD, CAE, and reverse engineering applications. All of this and more takes place in a climate-controlled environment.