R-CON® Cast Bronze Sleeve Bearings

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We stock over 650 sizes of R-Con® (CDA 932 or SAE 660) cast bronze sleeve bearings on our shelves. These bearings are machined from continuous cast bronze to offer a consistent composition throughout the bearing. This process also eliminates the chance for porosity and other flaws found in similar casting methods.

R-Con® bearings can be taken from the shelf and grooved within 24 to 48 hours depending on quantity and availability.

Typical Applications:

Bearings - Bushings - Washers - Low Load Applications

Physical Properties: *
Tensile strength, P.S.I 44.000
Yield strength, P.S.I. 27,000
Elongation, % in 2" 16

(*Not to be used for specification purposes.)

Chemical Composition:
Copper 83%
Tin 7%
Lead 7%
Zinc 3%

NOTE: Other alloys are available, given sufficient quantities.

Material Tolerances(From nominal size)

Inside diameter
3" or less ±.0010"
Over 3" ±.0015"

Outside diameter
3" or less + .002" to .003"
Over 3" + .003" to .005"
All lengths ±.005"
Concentricity ±.003" T.I.R.

(Special tolerances or machined-to-print parts are available)